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Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona strives to make the most technologically advanced eyeglasses. Made in Italy by Barberini Spa, their variety of lenses offer quality as well as personalization for each customer. Gone is fragile plastic. Their sunglasses are made with all natural crystal, providing durability and better visibility. They have a number of options available to you:

Polarised- These lenses get rid of lens reflections, providing better vision. They increase disparity, lessen eye lassitude, and provide optimal eye care.

Photochromic– These unique glasses are designed to respond to light, decreasing or increasing brightness, depending on the environment. These are great for reducing ultraviolet radiation, and would be best suited for driving or for those with light sensitivity.

HD Vision- HD Vision lenses seek to enhance colors. These lenses are placed in between two mineral lenses, providing purification of colors and increasing color intensity. They provide contrast and sharpen one’s environment.

Resistant- The most reliable of lenses, these specially made sunglasses provide resistance to outside elements, including durability, anti-scratch and anti-static electricity treatment, and the ability to survive temperatures over 400 degrees Celsius.

Etnia Barcelona uses advances in technology and natural materials to create some of the best eyeglasses. Along with being innovative, Etnia Barcelona strives for comfort, style, and design.

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