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Frequently Asked Questions

Fine eyewear in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Glasses and Sunglasses in Oklahoma City
Glasses and Sunglasses in Oklahoma City
Glasses and Sunglasses in Oklahoma City
How long does it take to get my eyeglasses?
We pride ourselves in the fact that we don’t have your glasses done in an hour or the same day because we ensure that they are done right. We take the utmost care when crafting your eyewear and it may take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on if you purchased special tints or coatings.
Can you all use my prescription from another doctor’s office?
Whether eyewear or contact lenses, we can fill any prescription from any doctor’s office.
How long does an eye exam take?
Most of the time, a typical eye exam will take 30 minutes however in some cases one can take up to 45 minutes to an hour depending on whether or not the patient needs to be dilated.
Does Eyes Etc. do eye exams for children?
Yes we do eye exams on children and unless there are warning signs that a child might need glasses, most children don’t need their first eye exam until age seven.
Does Eyes Etc. take insurance?
We do not take insurance but we can give you a super bill for your eye exam or a receipt for eyewear that you can submit directly to insurance company.
Does Eyes Etc. have contact lenses?
Yes we do fit contact lenses of all types from single vision both in ridged and gas perm lenses to the most popular Silicon single vision, dailies, and progressives.
Why should I spend the time to go to the eye doctor when I can purchase an inexpensive pair of eyeglasses at the store?
Some people do have good luck with drugstore reading glasses. However, you need to visit your eye doctor regularly for two reasons:

  • Regular eye exams are the only way to catch “silent” diseases in their early stages, when they’re more easily treated.
  • One-size-fits-all reading glasses do not work well for people who have a different prescription in each eye, or whose eyes are not centered in the lens. Headaches are a common problem in those cases.
What's the secret to getting eyeglasses that look great on me?
First, decide which of the seven basic face shapes you have and read the accompanying tips about frames that go well with your shape. Then, find out which colors suit your skin, eye and hair colors.
How do I avoid annoying reflections on my eyeglasses?
Anti-reflective coating, also known as AR coating, helps you to see through your eyeglasses more easily, lets others see your eyes better and eliminates the annoying white glare spots in photos taken with a flash.
I'm interested in the glasses that change to sunglasses when you go outside. Can you tell me more about them?
These are photochromic lenses. When they’re exposed to ultraviolet light, they become darker or change to a different color. Most brands remain pretty light when you’re driving, because windshields block most UV light.
What are the warning signs that a child might need glasses?
  • Consistently sitting too close to the TV or holding a book too close
  • Losing his or her place while reading
  • Using a finger to follow along while reading
  • Squinting
  • Tilting the head to see better
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Excessive tearing
  • Closing one eye to read, watch TV or see better
  • Avoiding activities that require near vision, such as reading or homework, or distance vision, such as participating in sports or other recreational activities
  • Complaining of headaches or tired eyes
  • Receiving lower grades than usual

Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor if your child exhibits any of these signs.

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